Ticket Guidelines

1. There are several payment options available for your convenience, including credit card, bank transfer, GCash, and more. Although, we recommend using card or GCash payment for faster and smoother transactions.

2. Please MAKE SURE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS YOU PROVIDE TO RECEIVE YOUR E-TICKET IS CORRECT before proceeding to payment to prevent wrong delivery.

3. Once you have purchased your e-ticket, you will receive a confirmation email about your purchase. This is not yet your actual e-ticket, but just a proof of purchase.

4. Please wait for 24-72 hours for the actual e-ticket to be emailed to you by our online ticketing provider, Eventbrite.

5. Your e-ticket MAY REFLECT WITH NO PURCHASE AMOUNT. However, this is just a bug on Eventbrite and DOES NOT AFFECT THE LEGITIMACY OF YOUR E-TICKET. We will still honor it as long as it has a unique QR code.

6. Once you have received your e-ticket, please ensure that you keep a copy of it with itsĀ  QR code either printed or stored on your smartphone, our staff will ask for this QR code for verification purposes upon claiming your physical ticket card.

7. Claiming your physical ticket card can be done on the day of the event at our designated registration area. We may also host pre-event registrations for those who would like to have their physical ticket cards in advance, but details regarding pre-event registration will be announced closer to the event date.